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Carlo Fumo presents his new documentary at NIAF Gala in Washington DC

Washington DC, October 16, 2016,

Will be screened for the first time in the United States, in Washington, an extract of 9 minutes of the documentary denounces "Land Off Poisons", Carlo Fumo, film director and president of '' Italian Movie Award International Film Festival ", and journalist Paolo Chiariello, with the scientific coordination of Dr. Professor Antonio Giordano.

The documentary was presented yesterday, as part of the "Women leaders in advanced cancer research", world-class scientific conference on the theme of the fight against cancer.

The environmental tragedy and the health of the fires of the earth, in the Italy of poisons, explained through the testimony of a mother who lost a son two years, killed by cancer, and a child who has won his battle against leukemia . They testified also on the negative consequences of pollution in Campania, the priest anticamorra, Don Maurizio Patriciello; General of the State Forestry Corps, Sergio Costa, the oncologist Antonio Giordano and the journalist Paolo Chiariello.

"Italy is made up of beautiful lands, Campania is one of these - says Carlo Fumo- must preserve its future, trying to stem the damage of the" rape "of a land rich, at the hands of poor people." This is the meaning of the documentary that gives us a tough message, but of hope.

The dramatic environmental situation in Campania is now known all over the world, but environmental damage and, therefore, the impact on the health of the entire population, not only affecting the Campania and Italy, but the entire world.

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