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Il Mattino: even the director Carlo Fumo at the White House.

There was also a lot of Naples at the White House in the day of the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. In addition to the president of the anti-corruption Raffaele Cantone, in the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino premium and the Deputy General Secretary of Palazzo Chigi Salvo Nastasi (which is not from Naples but government commissioner for Bagnoli) at the presidential residence has stopped the oncologist Neapolitan Antonio Giordano , director of the Sbarro Institute in Philadelphia and a member of the NIAF board, the Italian-American Foundation in the States.

Jordan, which the White House represented the scientific community bell, southern and Italian as well as NIAF, he met, among others, the US Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry. With him also other representatives of the leadership of the Italian American Foundation: Joseph Del Raso, Patricia Harrison, Joseph Lonardo, John Calvelli, Linda Carlozzi, Joseph Guccione, Art Fury, Anita McBride, John Rose, John Viola, Capri Cafaro. In Washington DC, with Jordan, there were also the sculptor and artist Lello Esposito and the young film director Carlo Fumo, who is turning the spotlight on environmental problems in Campania Region.

Article link Gerardo Ausiello from "IL MATTINO" of October 18, 2016

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