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After Miriam Leone, the film director Carlo Fumo rewards Raoul Bova in Italian Movie Award 2016

Pompeii, August 6, 2016

The Festival Director and President Carlo Fumo, the ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD © Continue to collect consents.

After The Successful Presentation on the Occasion of the 69th Cannes Film Festival and the evening of Monday Opening August 1, with the beautiful actresses Miriam Leone And Emanuelle Bains, dazzling the crowds yesterday, Friday, August 5, for Raoul Bova.

At present the evening the great Luca Abete, "Striscia la Notizia" Together with the President and Artistic Director of the Festival, the director Carlo Fumo.

It BEGINS immediately with the PROJECTION of video history of "Football Art" Moscow 2016 International Festival Whom attended the National TV Artists, on stage Osvaldo Bresciani President of the National and the beautiful showgirl Anna Rigon ambassador of the National .

The handsome Raoul has literally enchanted the audience present at the Natural Park of "La Cartiera" in Pompeii. A very numerous Audience: Thousands Of delirious fans for Bova What has unsheathed His Best I smiled, happy sincere affection shown him.

Glad to Receive the "Vitruvian Silver - Italian Movie Award 2016" Award, and is not subtracted to all questions from the audience of boys Masterclass and journalists, receiving applause and congratulations; Very friendly and personable, he took selfies and signed autographs.

Raoul Bova: "The research is very important issue that we must speak from time to information and to raise awareness The more possible Especially in this historical moment so delicate: I am honored to receive the award 'Italian Movie Award', this dedicated 'year just at a social issue so important. It' s always a strong emotion for me to be able to feel the warmth of the public and the public of this festival and really Exceptional State. Thanks, Italian Movie Award! the boys of the 'Masterclass' advice always look for happiness in everything that Make: happiness is obtained living in the Present, living EVERY moment with passion and enjoying life to the fullest because, often, happiness and on Hand mA flow we do not always see it. "

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